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Karen Kasmauski has produced 28 major stories for National Geographic Magazine, including reportage on the global effects of radiation, a portrayal of Japanese women, and an examination of Japan’s economic role in Asia.  Her photographs of complex social issues including population and aging were nominated for National Magazine Awards.  As a Contributing Photographer in Residence from 2001 to 2005 she brokered a relationship with the Centers for Disease Control and National Geographic to produce regular coverage of health issues.

Born on a U. S. Naval Base in Japan, Karen spent her childhood moving between military facilities. Her multi-cultural and racial background instilled in her the desire to travel, seek new ideas and experience new cultures.  After college, she worked for volunteer organizations in Tennessee and Kentucky.  With a degree in anthropology and religion from the University of Michigan, she is comfortable with complex scientific, cultural, economic and geographic issues.

Karen’s professional activities include co-managing and photographing two books. Impact:  From the Front Lines of Global Health, looks at key health issues.  Nurse: A World of Care, examines critical issues in nursing around the world.  She on three boards including GCSF (Global Community Service Foundation), a non-profit focused on poverty relief and community building in Vietnam and Burma. INCEF (Integrating Conservation & Health through Communication), an organization working in the Congo and  APA (Advertising Photographers of America), DC Chapter.

Karen writes about photography and project management for Nikon World and News Photographer magazines. She is the principal of Little Black Dog Productions, an LLC providing editorial and media services to a wide range of clients.  Karen is represented by the National Geographic Speakers Bureau and speaks at major events for pharmaceutical, health, educational and governmental organizations.  She teaches summer photojournalism classes at George Washington University and the Maine Media Workshop.

Written by kasmauski

January 26, 2009 at 1:48 am

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  1. Love you world health work.



    Robert Semeniuk

    February 18, 2009 at 8:18 am

  2. Karen, you are absolutely right about the decline of the free (professional) press. When newspapers start disappearing, there is something wrong. It seems like you can surf channels and find a news station which serves up your favorite kind or slant of the news. What ever happened to supposed “impartiality?” My local newspaper is in it’s second round of layoffs/buyouts. Guess who’s taking them? All the older, established journalists/photojournalists. They’re being replaced by cheaper, less experienced journalists. It is now quite apparent that the paper is not interested in putting out the best product in the market, it is merely putting out the most affordable product in the market. By the way…did you ask the market?

    Off Topic, thanks for the info about your current camera bodies. I too shoot a D700, as well as an older D2X and a G10 for low-profile stuff.

    Shoot safely. It seems photography is becoming a very exciting night-job to do after the job to pay bills.

    David Manning

    March 28, 2009 at 6:20 pm

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